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Sharing Our VISHWAS with You

Vishwas means Trust in Sanskrit and Samrddhi means Abundance.

Hair thinning and hair loss are problems that affect so many people all over the world, and the psychological effects match the physical.

Self-care is an essential part of the Indian daily routine. Oiling hair is a very important part of this self-care routine in many parts of India, and we wish to share this practice with the

Vishwas is born out of our desire to share our natural remedies and practices with you.

Put your vishwas in us and allow samrddhi to flow.

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  • Clean Ingredients

  • Ayurvedic Methods

  • Made Sustainably

  • No Preservatives

  • Made in USA

What Our Customers Are Saying

This hair oil is one of the best products I’ve ever tried. I have gotten very into hair care over the past year and this oil has been so helpful in keeping my hair healthy and shiny. It is also super good for stimulating hair growth as it is infused with rosemary. Nisha and her mom have done a great job in sourcing quality ingredients that promote overall hair health! I am so happy to have been introduced to this product!

Daniella H

I think the best way I came to sum up the benefits of vishwas is how many compliments I get on my hair. Not just my husband and girlfriends, but even the guys I work with. I can change the color of my hair or cut it differently and most men won’t notice a thing, but since using vishwas even they are paying me compliments. It is thicker and has more body and it is shiny and smooth. Since going into menopause I have hated how lifeless and frizzy my hair was, and I can honestly say now that my hair has never looked so great! I have tried minoxidil and the expensive hair serums, but only since using vishwas have I finally seen real hair growth in my thinning areas and without any itchiness. It is really a fantastic product.

Catherine H

Truth, my hair was struggling. Breakage, some areas lacking in fullness, staggered growth. It was rough. Upon finding the company, Vishwas, I tried out the Samrddhi rosemary oil product. Within two days, I was 100% content with my usage of it. The smell it left in my hair, the rejuvenating sensation it provided for my scalp. So right. Dandruff, gone. Breakage, gone.
My hair was more thick and full after one week of consistent use. It then began growing on a more notable scale within the first month. This oil is the truth, 1000% recommend. Thank you

Kwami G

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